Sign Recognition Surveys


We can provide Web or office based surveys to assess users recognition and understanding of your signs carried out in accordance with ISO 9186-1:2007(E)

Key Benefits of using our web based surveys to ISO 9186 Standard

  • Internationally recognised and accepted standard to judge and compare recognition and comprehension of signs and symbols
  • Surveys can be carried out on-line for any sample size, or at our premises for small samples
  • Surveys population matched to New Zealand Census data, or to targeted demographics of your choice

Surveys can include text and photographic contexts and can be limited to sign recognition or include actions to be taken as a separate question

Combining the two responses gives a measure of how well the participants understand the sign as opposed to recognising it

Compare the comprehensibility of different symbols for the same purpose
Repeated tests can assess results of publicity campaigns
Try out new ideas quickly and easily and compare results

Reference Accounts

New Zealand Standards
Comprehensibility of Outdoor Recreation Signs
Land Transport NZ
Comprehensibility of Road Signs
New Zealand Transport Agency
Recognition and comprehension of existing and proposed Road signs


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